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Always glad to see new gfxer's contributing! :thumbsup:

If I may offer some criticism.... To my eyes the background is missing something, maybe some texture. It's very simple. Some here like to keep things simple, but this might be too simple. Also, the texts are somewhat hard to read. A pixel font without the stroke would work better for the "name" and "serial". As a last comment, if you really want to see your work get used, it would be best to put it in the downloads area and include your PSD file.

Keep it up, want to see some more. ;)

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Yes, like EcipTic said, it's still to simple,

when I started do GFX things my Designs were very simple - like yours.

Then I watched a lot of Keygen-Designs and mixed me so my own Style, I like simple designs, but this one has to less things on it.

But the logo looks good, just add some more details on it.

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I agree totally with EclipTIc, this is a li'l bit more simple than what I like to keep :) But I guess you can add some effects until it looks good.The main thing is, your GFX should look appealing.


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after all the jugdements from the very talented gfxers here, some ideas from a coder. ;)

the logo looks pretty cool :thumbsup:

what's imho really missing here is a way to display an info text. This could be done with an about button or a small area at the top of the window to display some nfo text or whatever. Maybe you could also add a small exit button. (some people might be confused when they don't have an extra button for that and get crazy :D )

Apart from that, you could leave out the generate button (or make two templates, one with and one without). If there is only 1 serial per name no generate button is needed. Serial can be computed interactively when the name changes. In the other case the button makes sense.

Keep up the good work!

Edited by Durchschuss
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I like the idea but agree with the others that a little more work is required (esp on the background)

Nice attempt though - looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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Hehe nix zu danken. Ach ja, kleiner Tipp f?r sp?tere Werke, Keygens m?ssen nicht immer rechteckig sein ;)

btw, how do you guys do all that stuff, do you have such a special "pad" where you can paint on with a special pen or just everything with the good old mouse?

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