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Does anybody know some links, infos or tutorials about

"Getting started into Intro/Demo-Coding" ?

I was just browsing some sites like scene.org,

but couldn't find any Step-Into... :confused:

I only know that 4k-Intros are mostly written in ASM (of course),

but 64k-Intros are mostly written with Watcom C++, ASM and VC++ (for the Window part).

Well, I think that's not really much knowledge to get into this art...

I did some "Boot-Intros" (in ASM) for the good ol' AMIGA 500

some time *cough* ago... with moving stars and turning 3D-letters,

but I don't remember a sh!t... :sweat:

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Uhh, this was fun... thx, buddy ! :)

Amiga ASM-Codes... lol

But I'm afraid this won't help us coding intros for our Windows... :/

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that where intro's originated from as far as i know, Ahhh I still remeber putting the old 1.4mb floppy disk into the amiga 500 to have a nice little intro by some group that added trainers into the game or just to brag how they have copyed the game.

Anyway back on topic.. yeah im pretty sure most intro developers use the amiga to make there intro's i could be mistaken...

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Here are a few pages worth check out, but good luck finding a step by step tut. I don't think you'll find one, however you might be able to find some source code.





and just for fun: http://forum.deltaforceteam.de/index.php

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  • 2 weeks later...

LOL... just took a sniff into the sites.

On Intro/Demo-Sites u'll find friendly posts like this:

...open source is for lamers with big beards anyway.



Thx again, EclipTic !!!

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  • 3 weeks later...


Could some1 please test this one:


Just doing my first steps in Intro-Coding.

Everything works like a charm until now... ON MY PC !

But some mins ago I tried it on another pc,

and everything looked really ****ed up... :/

-The cube was suddenly spinning fast like hell (on my pc smooth and slow !)

-Also the Push-Buttons were moving much too fast (on my pc slow !)

Also the placement of the buttons and the gfx-window-size was kinda not

like on the picture above... :/

Could somebody test it and tell me that everything's soft like a baby-botty ??? :)

PS: Strange... my pc (and its gfx-card) is two times faster than the one,

on which everything was moving much too fast... :dunno:

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Well the cube is nice and slow here, but there are no buttons? Also note the white border down and right.
Thanks for testing & posting a screenshot... :)

... and damn... gotta investigate deeper into the basics, how to make it stable for different systems... :geek:

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On my PC it spins damn fast so u can't even read the SnD text on the cube, because its so fast.

But the Buttons are here. :dunno:

But n1 work m8 ;)

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when i run it just once it's so fast u can't see anything...

run it twice and the second cube will spin at normal speed :)

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Thanks guys,

of course there will be more than just a spinning cube.

Maybe I'll make a Keygen_Template with it... I've got some nice ideas.

The size will be small enough to compete with other Keygens... :P

But I had to stop and post it because of the speed problem.

I'll post again, when I've got a solution and at a more interesting phase.

With sources of course, because...

Well I'm glad that the Intro-Scene did never die,

but I totally disagree with their 1337-Sh!t, not sharing knowledge for noobs ! :sick:

...run it twice...
lol... well
It doesn't even start up on my comp... :(


Huh... :blink:

Ted, do u have XPSP2 ?

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Good work UFO-pussy keep at it im sure you will fine tune things.. maybe you must find a way to find the timing of the computer its running on to optimize it to run at the right speed... maybe look up some timing algorhythms ... this is what i like to see a keen coder.. kudo's to you keep at it.. ;):thumbsup:

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guessing from my experience in game programming, I'd say that the fps isn't locked, so on high end fast machines, the time it takes to render each frame is faster, resulting in just stupid fast spinning box.

The solution is to implement a fps lock. Use GetTickCount() at the start of your main code loop, then query GetTickCount() at the end. Subtract the two. This is how long your loop took to execute.

So just do

DWORD start_time = GetTickCount();

//do your work here

while (GetTickCount() - start_time)<33);

That should keep your fps locked and fix your issue.



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Thanks again...


Yeah, I could finally make the speed stable for different systems with GetTickCount (or timeGetTime),

but it brings me a very little but always noticable flickering sometimes... :/

What I'm going to try now, is to 'record' the time between an amount of TickCounts with an own

counter, and then only use this counter to get rid of the API-function.

I mean the app should check the CPU-Speed this way at startup -

So that the app will simply step over GetTickCount after ~10 calls,

but uses its own counter instead.




Also note the white border down and right.
BTW, its just that I activated "WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE".

It's more eye-catching with your system-colours.

But I've got no idea why u don't see buttons... lol?

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Sigh... things can be so simple:


invoke GetCurrentProcess

invoke SetPriorityClass,eax,128 ; High Level :P


I just kicked the Priority's *** and the flickering went off of my ****... :rolleyes:

Can some1 please test and confirm smooth rendering one more time,

so that I could go on with the more interesting stuff... :unsure:


Thanks, bro's... :)

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