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.kkrieger: Chapter 1 Beta


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Was just sorting stuff on my HD and stumbled again across this one.

I think most of you guys already know this incredible piece of art,

but for all the others... this is a must-have-seen !!

Check it and you won't believe your eye, what can be done within 95kb.

It's an Ego-Shooter from .theprodukkt: http://www.theprodukkt.com/

Download-Link: http://kk.kema.at/files/kkrieger-beta.zip


PS: I did not know where to post this. I thought about posting it in the

64K Intro Section, but since it's actually 95k and not that kind of intro... :dunno:

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Damnnn nice engine!

a little buggy, but for 90 KB just awesome!!!!!

I didn't knew that something like that is possible with a so small size.

Very nice!

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hehe it's very old. I saw this in 2005 already and it's really nice to see some news from the guys of farbrausch.

Till.ch just install the newest directx and graphic driver (there is a new directx performance booster). Here it works fine without any errors or cliping issues ;)

Greetz Jada^AoC

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