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I read something about reindexing in a DEViANCE nfo and am curious what this is. I'm not new to game related file formats but I've never heard anything about that (or maybe I already know it but under a different name?)

Something reasonable would be that they mean adding files to a game archive and thus changing the indexes of the files, but they write "in regards to game .exe's" :unsure:

are you able to write YOUR OWN source code to unpack & repack

game related major file format types such as MPQ, MIX & WAD?

And can you also identify most major big-file formats(files

that contain more files) by looking at the hex byte code of

the header for that file? Do you know what reindexing is in

regards to game .exe's and can you do it?...

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Found an older version of the nfo (with Safedisc 2 :lol: )

There they talk about the files... :unsure:

If you know the difference between reindexing and unpacking

large files. Or if you can identify ANY major file formats by

looking at the hex byte code of the header. Or if you can tell

the difference between MPQ & HAPI.

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In terms of the files, it could be to change the order of the files, maybe unpacking and repacking and thus changing the indices of the files. But in the first example they talk about the game's exe.

Nevertheless I still wonder why they search such guys, haven't heard of any Deviance mod yet ;)

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