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Hi, basically i use this site quite alot:


And they got hacked, all that was left was:

'Pancakes Pandas 1337 Hacks lol u got pwned'

I wanna know if anyone's heard of them or know where i can post to find out about them, i wanna know why the ****ers did it.


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Not sure if you checked recently

Pancakes Pandas 1337 Hacks lol u got pwned

^ The above message was all that was left by them. ^

I guess I'll take this time to address the people still coming here.

The website was hacked and everything is gone.

They deleted everything, all phpbb files and the database.

I am still baffled, as all of my passwords are secure, and there are no known exploits for the phpbb we were running.

Oh well, I assume most of you have learned what you need to from this website.

BF1942 is a dying game anyway, and there was no real BF2/2142 modding going on.

I don't really see much purpsoe in starting up a new forum, and I would rather that others not try to.

Just remember:

ObjectTemplate.Active is your friend.

Have fun,

-Why Two Kay

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When you put a lot of time and effort in to something and someone comes along a does something like that will be extremely annoying and frustrating. Defacing someones main page would be one thing but to go and delete everything is a completely different matter. Its senseless.

It is possible the exploit could have come through your hosting and not through software your running on your site. Maybe they have also hacked other sites hosted by the same company...


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It's not my site, i just really liked it and was teaching myself modding for BF1942(i know its an old game but it's still my favourite) And i don't see why they would attack a site that purely helps people, and take out everything, thats not showing off skills thats been malicious, thats why i wanted to see if i could find them and see if they took all the info, and saved it somewhere fitst. Thanks.

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Unfortunately it is unlikely they saved the information anywhere else... sounds like they're just a bunch of morons who think that they rule the internet.

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those i just lame script kiddies, you can track down ip and call their isp, mostly all-nettools.com in toolbox and smartwhois will tell you email,phone,city and force admin to take care of it. real hackers never destroy data. if they hack you never know they were there or still are. you find out after few months or years.

also i would say that owner of that page is lame, due he should patch phpbb, there are still exploits coming for all types of board scripts, another lame thing he doesnt do backup every day or week or at least month. so its his fault that all is gone.

i wonder if snd makes backup of database? :P

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The site owner just restored all the tutorials but the forums are staying down, so i'm pleased now(would of liked forums back aswell but we can't have it all), thanks again for the help.

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