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Hi guys,

I wanted to know , how can I transfer data between two PC's (OR) a Laptop and a PC using Ethernet .I have a faint idea regarding this..


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buy a cable or do it yourself, install serv-u, run flashfxp and transfer all you need, or just share some dirs and use network neighbourhood. make on both pc ip same class. for example config one as mask and other same but ip

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Make sure both PCs are using the same WORKGROUP.

Also, it can save a lot of time if you use the built in Network Setup, just right-click on My Network Places and then select Setup a Home or Small Office Network, you'll have to do this on both PCs. just follow the on screen instructions and select the options that represent your setup the closest.

human makes it sound hard but its fairly easy to setup a network.

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i tried doing this stuff awhile back but finally opted for the easiest way out...just use one of those 2gig mem sticks...stick it in and transfer..copy to new pc..done.. :D

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I'm sure this post will be lengthy, but it's really not hard to do. I have done this several times and I've found the following to be the best way to do it.

I assume, you don't have a router or network switch, so this is the next best (and least expensive) solution. First, to link them directly without a router or switch you will need to use a special cable called a crossover cable. This is different than a patch cable, and you should be able to get one at most computer stores. Google it for more info.

To start, you should configure each ethernet adapter with a static IP address and a common Subnet. As an example, assign your PC an IP address of and the laptop an address of - assign both the Subnet

Also, as zer0buRn stated, make sure that both machines have the same workgroup. The workgroup name shouldn't exceed 15 characters (ex.WORKGROUP). Also, make sure that file sharing is enabled on both.

Connect the crossover cable to the Ethernet port of each PC and reboot. To verify your connection, go to the command prompt and ping the other computer. Example: from the PC's command prompt - C:\>PING You should get 5 replies, but if not, it's most likely an issue with an Windows XP firewall. The easiest solution to the firewall is temporarily disable it.

Now you're set, you should be able to see the other computer in your network, and tranfer files inbetween.

Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.

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Thanks a LOT! Well I am on my way to purchase a crossover cable... :)


I thought of this too, but my PC has a 160GB HDD and to transfer movies,3D GFXs etc (each more than 4GB) with the help of a USB drive is tidious.

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