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Evil Corporation Called Google


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Here's one short movie about Google's evil masterplan. This happens to every company that becomes extremely strong and influential, but not without a reason.

This film doesn't really reveal new things to us, but tells it all in a way that really makes you wonder if you want to have your mail account hosted by them or even use the search engine.

After this I'm seriously thinking about getting few bucks together with my friends to put up a mail server.


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Google is cooperating with the leading molecular scientist

Dr. Craig Venter, who profoundly participated in decoding the

human genome....

Ya, "Don't be evil !"... lol ?

I recently read a huge article about this.

It was about a serious commitee, watching and analyzing the

developement of Google.

(The video you posted seems to be from their work.)

I'm no hysteric guy at all,

but the Big-Brother (maybe not Google... I don't know)

will come (if he'll come) on a way like this:

Unconsciously for the most of course and hidden

under the warming fur of knowledge...

PS: Still (more and more) don't like to see

Google.com & Bro's on the active-users-list... :/

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Money makes the world go round.

All large business is all about the money, and nothing else. Never let them fool you, they don't care about you, your health, your well being, or anything else except your money.

The disease, is consumerism, and everyone is guilty. I mean honestly... why is all this crap done/made/manufactured/etc...It's all a means to manipulate the populations of the world,

and for business to control everything, and they do. There is no "illimunati" or anything else like that... look to your government and your countries largest businesses. They latter tells

the former what to do and when. It's convenient for them to do so, as the "control" issue is one and the same.

It's used to be religion and somewhat still is, but now they prey on the weakest part of the human spirit, the desire for "stuff" to call their own, the "greener" side of the fence as it were.

People are busily putting lots and lots of conditions on their happiness, rather than being happy first. Like everything else insane, the cycle feeds itself... As in war games... the only way to win

is not to play...

Are you guilty? :)

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regarding fungs comment about money check this out..

i saw the dvd awhile back...interesting stuff.. (i just checked and there are torrents for it if anybody is interested.. :D )


and regarding no illuminati....i dont know mate...

lotz of info here

cheers all


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The big brother symptome is not a new fear.

The most conspiracies are just tools big companies use to influence people.

It started with the bible and goes through the most from the media.

Another new problems is when you look at web 2.0 where the people feet things like google

with private informations and loose the care about their identities.

It's never to late waking up as soon as you can, but first you have to recognize you are asleep.

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