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Starforce Passed...

Teddy Rogers

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StarForce is happy to announce that SF FrontLine has passed "CERTIFIED FOR MICROSOFT WINDOWS VISTA" tests.

The certification was run independently by VeriTest, a company that manages programs on behalf of Microsoft. The VeriTest lab report shows that StarForce? FrontLine complies with the requirements for both 32 and 64 bit versions of MICROSOFT? WINDOWS VISTA.

"Pass" status for each test case confirms that StarForce meets the strict security and compatibility requirements of Microsoft’s certification program.

Says Michael Kalinichenko, CEO of StarForce Technologies: “We are delighted that StarForce Frontline has passed the tests in time. We are also proud to be one of the first Russian software companies to complete the tests. StarForce will continue testing its libraries and drivers with further respected and independent test laboratories to ensure that our solutions benefit our clients and their customers.”



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Oh wonderful...

Lets hope this Starforce isn't as ****ty as the previous version, but I doubt that. I still wont buy any game no matter the title who uses its protection. Until proven innocent.

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Quite a few people seemed to think StarForce wouldn't work on Vista but its no surprise to me that they went ahead to get the all clear from M$. While it isn't the most popular of anti-copy protections schemes available there does seem to be a lot bad and misleading reports regarding it...


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I had a bad experience with it when I bought Splinter Cell Chaos theory. Completely screwed my Windows installation and I had to reformat - I now have the same view as Zer0 in that I won't go near any game protected by it.

It was interesting to see that the new Splinter Cell (Double Agent) had swapped to SecureRom (IIRC). Damn thing kept crashing and was horribly coded to port it from the 360, but that was nothing to do with SecureRom. I did at least manage to play through it (and enjoyed it) despite having to save regularly.

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Same here :(

After uninstalling some SF game (I believe it was TrackMania 2) my HDD only worked at a reading speed of 6mbit/sec which is just ridiculous, no normal work possible under such circumstances.

The only thing that really helped was format c:, anything else (registry tweaks and strange chinese driver removers) seemed to make it even worse...

No SF games for me anymore :)

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ive never installed a agme with sf in it (clone or otherwise) ive always gotten cracked releases...

my notebook was too much cash for it to get wacky because of some protection...

i have the SC release by Reloaded and it never crashed,etc...worked great.. :D AND it never installed any sf crap...



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I never had an original SF game either, but I still thought that most of those stories about it screwing up windows installations were fakes. But now I've heard it from some people I trust :) If SF is still as crappy as before and it passed Windows certification then lets hope that most of complaints will go to Microsoft from now on. This might even turn out to be a good thing in the end if that happens :)

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As i know StarForce using own system drivers, own TLS table to protect itself beeing debugged. Seems they don't have very well written own SF drivers because quite often users after installing SF protected game reporting Windows problems (windows drivers got replaced by SF drivers.) I never tried any SF protected game, and have no plans to try any in the future. :P

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Following from my post above, once I had reinstalled windows etc it worked fine. It has real problems with virtual drives and seems to arse up if you have (or even ever HAD) virtual drives on your PC.

It was more trouble than it was worth and although I buy all my games, made me want to return it and download a copy.

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