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Switch User Requires Password?

Teddy Rogers

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I thought I'd post this here, maybe someone by chance knows how to rectify this problem.

I have two user accounts on a WinXP SP2 setup. One of the accounts is an admin and passworded while the other account is limited and has no password. The problem... occasionally (actually it happens often) when switching between user accounts (not logging off and then on) it sometimes asks for a password. That would be fair enough but the problem lies here; it asks for a password on the limited account even though no password is set. When this happens and I try to login to the admin account even though it is passworded it does not recognise the real password. This means I have to force log off any "logged in" user accounts and restart the machine. If I log off a user and then switch to another user no problem occurs.

I've done all the basics; reset password and accounts, checked for trojans, malware, etc, etc. In fact this happens from a clean WinXP SP2 plus all the latest patches and updates from M$ and just my regular trusted installed programs that I have never had a problem with before.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to whats going on?


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I?m currently having a lot of problems with XP. First is, a little bit like yours, that I can?t change users during one start because XP always says the password is wrong when I want to change. Besides that I get regularlty BSODs, my computer freezes or a lot of programs exit with a crash in NTDLL.DLL

My solution is hopefully the change of my HDD on which Windows is installed because 2 programs I?ve tested say it?s only working with about 30% correctness. (Well, it?s 5 years old now ;) ).

MAybe you should check this, too :) (I?ve used HDD Life Pro)


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i think if u are trying to switch to your limited account and it asks for a password you probably should just press enter.. if you try to use your other password for admin here it will probably be trying to use it for your limited account as this is the one you selected... Have u tried looking at the security policies set..(in the administrative tools) some bad settings here can cause lots of problems.. also with sonny27 sometimes a lost cluster on a hard drive can cause crashes and bsod's too ( this has happened to me before, chkdsk fixed it).. so try chkdsk before anything.. i recently had some problems with dma mode with my DVD drive. it seems that windows cuts it down from udma5,udma 2 etc ... to pio gradually if you read a disk that cause six crc errors while reading... and keeps it at PIO. gotta love this OS... techies are making a fortune off it.. lol sometimes a good tweaking program such as Xteq-setup can fine tune some things for you nice and easy. hope ive been slightly helpful at least :D

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I think I found the cause of the issue. Well... for now everything seems to be working fine for me. I disabled ATI HotKey Poller by going in services.msc at the command prompt. Maybe its a known ATI issue? Sonny, if you have an ATI card maybe you could try disabling it to solve the problem... :dunno:


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