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What Tracers,sniffers,trackers,monitors,... Do You Use ?


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What Tracers,Sniffers,Trackers,Monitors,... do you use ? ( for "Network" & "Windows " ) ;

I personally use a plugin for Outpost FW named "Httplog" to trace the URLs ; its a very good tool and trace almost all URLs ;

also "commview" is a good app to do this and supports both dial-up and non-dial-up adaptors, but its not as simple and powerfull as "httplog" ;

and for tracking the files and the changes on windows , I use "System Safety Monitor"[shows almost all changes on windows and you can define not to show the acitivity of the specified files and many more good features inside ] & "Active Registry Monitor"[to compare two registry records] ,

and I know the app "InCtrl" to monitors an specified file ;

thats all I know and I will be glad to know your apps and find if a better prog is available ;

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