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Great Wallpaper!

Guest hexdecimal

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Yes it looks very nice!

Great work EclipTic!

I've never saw it before.


With which program u done the font? photoshop?

'cause it looks really cool!

Thx in advance


ooops sry m8 didn't saw and read the text ;)

so it was ps...

Best Regards,


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hehehehe really nice mate!!! Remembers me on the good old days from the movie "Hackers" casted with Angelina Jolie :P

What program did you use for creating that font?

Greetz Jada^AoC

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What program did you use for creating that font?
The 3D "seek n destroy" is all custom... No fonts or 3D programs used to create it.

Yes I know ;) , u didn't read my second edit.

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Thanks for noticing the wallpaper hexadecimal :D

Yes, the "seekndestroy" is completely custom... I didn't use any fonts or 3D programs to make it. I didn't track my hours on it, but I'd say this part alone took about 6 hours.

The sphere and design around the font was simple, just a few circles with some effects to make em look 3D. I'd say a total of 1 hour there.

The "digital" buildings took about 4 more hours. I started typing in all the text on them, but then got lazy and went to a few news websites and copy & paste. Getting the perspective to look good took the most time.

The background sky and clouds were from a digital photo, but adjusting the colors, adding the light and reflection took another couple hours.

Finally I spent another hour or so added the final details.

@Jada - Hackers! I remember the story about the website for that movie. I guess a advertising website was created for the movie and a group of hackers changed the website from reading something like "this will be a fun and promotional site for a movie" to "this will be a lame, cheesy, promotional site for a movie" :lol: Now that you mention it, I'll have to watch that movie again..... it's been awhile.

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Guest PixelaseR

This is definitely a good WP. The "Seek n Destroy" are nicely created. I have just two tiny personal opinion.

1) The SND on the floor, kinda doesn't fit the WP. I think a different font, maybe one that looks like the welcome mat, might be a bit better.

2) The "Seek n Destroy" in the sky doesn't look quite like the one in front of the globe. Is this intentional? It look almost like another custom crafted set of letters.

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Hackers, unrealistic movie. I think Swordfish is better. I like those buildings you did in that wallpaper it looks like a virtual city very very cool :D .

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