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Injunctions Against Data Exchange Services...

Teddy Rogers

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The German collecting society GEMA has obtained from the District Court in Cologne temporary injunctions against the operator of the data exchange services www.rapidshare.de and www.rapidshare.com. The latter is said to have used copyright protected works of GEMA members in an unlawful fashion. The services make virtual storage space available into which users can upload content that is thereby made publicly available to other users. GEMA spokesman Hans-Herwig Geyer told heise online that the services should not be allowed to continue to operate in their present form. The collecting society is now demanding that the operator provide details on how many copyright protected works of GEMA members are currently stored on the said sites.

According to GEMA, the service www.rapidshare.de in particular has at times boasted of making some 15 million files available to its users. The operator had however failed to obtain from GEMA a license for making copyright protected files available, the collecting society spokesman observed. To date RapidShare had claimed not to have any knowledge of the content uploaded by the users and of not being in a position to control the same, the spokesman continued. Through its injunctions the District Court in Cologne had now however made it clear to the company that the fact that it was the users and not the operator of the services that uploaded the content onto the sites did not, from a legal point of view, lessen the operator’s liability for copyright infringements that occurred within the context of the services, the spokesman added.


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I?ve read of this on VDown two days ago... Only thing I can say is "F**k GEMA"... I know that a lot of music-sites upload their stuff to rapidshare but I?m really scared of RapidShare giving out all IPs because I?ve only downloaded some tools and two songs a few days ago...

And I?ve already had a warning by local authority :(


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- There are plenty fileupload hoster (http://goodblimey.com/archives/2006/09/02/huge-list-of-upload-services/)

It's just the question why nobody takes them? Because there is more than rapidshare.

- No-one (like the GEMA) will stop the growing web 2.0

They should better think about new distribution solutions of music and not always just to get a piece of the cake.


The GEMA wanna forcing things that's sure, but they can't do something that is against the law so it will take time to solve this case.

I think rapidshare will take their rights. It would be much harder to check all the millions of IPs. :rolleyes:

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I heard that GEMA can't do anything to rs.com , because rs.com

changed the location from Germany to Switzerland.

And in Switzerland are other Copyrights active =)

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i was always wondering when some crap would be stirred up..its amazing how much stuff is out there on these servers (not complaining on my end but its almost like having "1-day" (i wont say 0-day cause its really not) acces to a ftp in some instances..i tried there service a few months ago and i must say its crazy over dem` hillz..hehehe


B :D

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Ya, I'll throw in and say I'm surprised as well. But since RS, et al. all make a point of deleting anything suspicious very soon after its been uploaded, I almost wonder if they'll just pull that, delete the content, and be off with it.

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