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12 Logos From The Past (dup Skins)


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File Name: 12 logos from the past (dup Skins)

File Submitter: EclipTic

File Submitted: 19 Jan 2007

File Category: dUP Skins

This is a pack of 12 skins for dUP. Each skin features a different logo from SnD's past artists... I did not create, and do not take credit for the logos. :D The zip includes a resource for each skin, a screenshot of each (for ease of choosing a skin) and three different color files.

Thanks to those who created the logos! :thumbsup:

Click here to download this file and/or see a full size screen shot

Edited by EclipTic
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The best way to reach me is by PM here at SnD's forum, however that won't work for you as you are currently a junior member. Check your PM at ICU! :D

P.S. Congrats on your membership with ICU as a keygenner. :thumbsup:

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brother, you know what am gonna say !!

They were Excellent !!! I Really Admire & Respect your Works !!!!

Greetz 'n' Regards,


Edited by dEAdbEEf
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There are several way. U might be able to chatch me at our IRC channel. Or, after you have contributed to the fourm a bit, you'll be able to send me a PM.

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yea, just click on the "live discussion" link from the main fourm page, and make sure you have java installed. The best times to catch me are on weekdays between 9:00am and 5:00pm EST (GMT-5)

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