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Snd Wallpaper - Red Rust !


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Hiya Boyz, Whats Up... Seeing After a Long time... Still Respect The great SnD Team... :flowers: So on this short leave i planned to do an SnD Wallpaper... :yahoo: I think its great, just great !!! You will surely like it and dont forget to add coments... coz your words are my inspirations !! :thumbsup:

Resoulution : 1024 x 768

Size : 118 KB

To Download The Wallpaper. Click the below link, It will open up the image then right click save...


Greetz 'n' Regards,


Edited by dEAdbEEf
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Thanks for this one Kri.... I mean dEAdbEEf. :D I can see you put some time into this one. The details that you did with the background are very nice. I'm not sure that I like the color.... It has a little too much pink for my taste, but that's just a personal thing. I like the texture you put into the SND text as well - looks kinda like it's blood stained.

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That KR!ZTE sounds ver much girlish.. Everyone i met everyday asks me " Are you a Girl ??" :dunno:

Am So sad to hear it again and again, last i decided to change !!!! :rolleyes:

Btw Howz the Signature ???? :D



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Funny xD

So btw. can I ask u why you took the name "dEAdbEEf"

I'd like to know the reason

Dunno... Just came from a conversaton... One day me and starzboy were having a conversation, we talked about the food materials. the only non-veg i eat is beef, so we talked and i mention about deadbeef, i dont know why i spell it.. but i really like that name... Different peoples, different likes & dislikes... :D



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