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Till.ch Keygen Template #2


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More nice work... I like the simple ones. Only slight criticim is its quite large... you could save a few K on filesize if it was slightly saller.

Nice work though.

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Nice. But i am somewhat not comfortable with the buttons..the texture does not make harmony with background and they are way too embossed...may be some smoother button with a little 'shine' would do a better appeal.


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Overall it's very good work! :thumbsup: Now lets see something for SND ;)

A few criticisms:

The background is great, but there is a lot of wasted / empty space.

I agree with oricode on the buttons. Maybe it's the font, or the color... would the buttons look better if you used the same font as "name" and "serial" and colored a bit darker?

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Big THX for your suggestions

@ Oricode

I agree with you! I didn't know which style of button I should take,

@ Loki

Maybe I made it smaller, I don't know yet..

So here are another version maybe u know the buttons.... ;)

I think in this design the buttons looks good.




I didn't refresh the page, so I didn't see you post >.<

hehe of course I made in the next time also a design for SnD :D :D

Edited by Till.ch
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Nice one m8 this is good work

the second one is better and u could try

making the buttons and editboxes a little bigger

or making smaller the template


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