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How Far Would You Go To Protect Your Mother!


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As Far As It Takes To Protect Them !!

They Were The One Who Protected Me When I Was A Child

And Now It's My Turn To Protect Them And Help Them Too.......

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I agree weird topic :)

She doesnt really give a **** about me, hasnt done for years.

Probably speak to her about 6 times a year.

But I would still do anything for her.

I used to look after her when her partner was a custard, I will always look out for her.

Its the circle of life, they protect us at our most vulnerable time, it is only fair that we should look after them when they need us.

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Guest Warrior Crixus

i'm gonna take care of her retirement and bills, so you could say we've switched roles now that i'm older and she cant do well on her own anymore.

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Frankly, that's exactly what I expected you to say lol

To be honest, I don't like my mother that much and there are times I absolutely hate here more than anyone out there and I always ask myself if that's wrong, since hey she's my mother !

Well, it's weird but I never have that certain feeling of love when I meet her...


I'd help her whenever I can, at least she brought me to life...

Nevertheless I'm not one of these guys that kill you if they get told that their mother is an alien

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Guest mikefitz

she took care of me when i was most vulnerable, i can only trust her an MAYBE two other people out of 6 billion worldwide.

you better ****in believe I will do anything to protect her!!!!

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