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Blue Thunderstorm(for L0calh0st)


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Nice one ;) only I suggest the top bar with the exit and about button to be a bit smaller not as big as it is now, but thats my opinion nice work anyway ^-^

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Overall the template is ok..not very appealing. But yeah the background has been well worked upon.I guess it would have taken quite a lot of time to do that background in CS2..


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... time to do that background in CS2...

I think he brushed it, I looked at some of the artworks made by AK47 - he uses brushes very often!

so I don't think it took him much time.

If u made it without brushes, sry m8! and n1.



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First of all ty all for ur comments.

Yea in fact I use very often brushes

but in this one it is not only that

I have spent too much time on making

combinations so that the overall look is good

I added also some effects to the backround

and some other tricks and here it is

But I wish I knew a 3D program like 3D Max or something

that I could make my own renders


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Yes sry m8!!!

Hmm you want made some renders, check Cinema 4D very easy 2 handle i think!

Keep it up :)

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Ty bro for ur Advice I want to learn it

but this time I am reading reversing and mostly coding

and I have not much time cause I have to work,I have studies....

I think u understand.


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