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Have You Guys Heard About "cinea Protection"?


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i just saw a new release today "Apocolypto (2006) *READNFO* *CINEA* *DVDSCREENER*-VideoDVD

this was in the nfo

?  NUKERS READ P.S at end PLEASE.									 ?
? OK. This movie is currently unwatchable it is encrypted with ?
? Cinea encryption protection. Several Award screeners this year ?
? are protected with this method, and next year, far more will be! ?
? Currently there is no crack to bypass this protection - we have ?
? tried and failed. The purpose of this release is to get a sample ?
? out there, so that talented crackers can try and help us on our ?
? quest. There is no choice, this release must be spread; the ?
? alternative is a future without award screeners. Next year more ?
? than 75% of Academy and Globe screeners will apprx be using this ?
? protection scheme, and nearly all the year after. Raw unplayed ?
? Cinea dvds are not watermarked, it is the player that adds a ?
? watermark. ?
? Crackers heed our call! the call. ?
? In Dec. HD DVD protection was broken, a milestone to which we give ?
? our praise: here is the next challenge. Crackers,if you want your ?
? work protected and kept private, talk to us privately. P.S for nukers:The oldest movie grp in the scene would ask you please consider allowing
and/or not nuking this release. A protected movie has never been released
before, and therefore it says nothing in your rules regarding nuke X
for an encrypted movie. Unplayable now, but soon.2ndly, this release being spread for it to reach max ppl possible
is ideal. As said earlier in nfo, if this is not cracked we will have a
future without award screeners. WE CAN ALL DO OUR PART to help! PLZ ALLOW

well it got me curious so i looked to see what its about..heres some linx for the curious..


interesting stuff..


B :zorro:

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