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"skype" Trojan Analysis


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Quite an interesting article over at websense on trojan analysis

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Teddy Rogers

Spyware... urgh! I've been reading a lot recently reports from numerous online security experts that 2007 is going to be a hotbed year for trojans, spyware and spam. Since some people have started to realise there is a lot of money to be gained its all starting to get more professional and organised.

Trojans and spyware for mobile phones are on the horizon... what next :(

Anyway... interesting article, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks... :thumbs:


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Isn't this written by one of armadillo authors? :) Nothing sensational about this spyware. There's no way to stop spyware automatically. People have to learn that internet is no different from a bad neighborhood, and that they should be careful when doing everything. Just do what you came there to do, don't roam and don't look at strangers.

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