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Hd Dvd Encryption Cracked?


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Chicago (IL) - On the heels of the first full year of the HD DVD/Blu-ray battle, a new wrinkle has appeared, as a hacker has claimed to have dug into the high-definition format's encoding and decrypt the security measures that prevent the video from being copied.The hacker, going by the name muslix64 in an online forum, calls the PC utility BackupHDDVD. He writes, "BackupHDDVD is a tool to decrypt a AACS protected movie that you own, so you can play it back later using an HDDVD player software. This is the first version, and it's not very stable yet."He has posted bits and pieces of the source code and the actual program in action in a dramatic YouTube video. According to his forum posts, muslix64 used an Xbox 360 HD DVD drive hooked up to his computer to hack in and disable the encryption technology. HD DVD and Blu-ray both use a more sophisticated encryption format known as AACS, which claimed to be much more impenetrable than DVD's Content Scrambling System (CSS).Muslix64 has made several comments about the ease of decrypting the AACS format. In his BackupHDDVD FAQ, he writes, "The program itself has nothing special. It simply implement the AACS decyption protocol. I have followed the freely available documents about AACS. The trick, is to find what they call the 'Title keys'. So I [figured] out how to extract them."etc,etc,etc,etc 
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I watched this last week.


Here is the commandline Backup HDDVD utility (incl. source):

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Nice :) Does anyone here actually have HD-DVD drive? I'd buy one just for file storage. It'd be nice to have all my mp3 on few discs, but that sounds kinda expensive. It's not available to buy here...

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not yet, because here a just a few reasons:

- blank disks are too expensive (compare with other media for backup storage like HDD)

- only a few movies are available at the moment

- when you save something you need also a reader, but It's takes a bit that the industry invents a Mp3 compatible HDDVDPlayer. Well and i think it takes longer they understand we have here more space available so they should change their minds to lossless (FLAC/APE/WV) and not everytime lossy codecs (AAC/MP3/MPC/WMA...)


Back to the real topic:

There is already a quiet interesting discussion in the doom9 forum, with the "hacker" muslix64 and how it happened

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Guest mph195

I have just got a LG GBW-H10N blu-ray internal BD-R drive.. 25gb discs

the discs are around ?15 each here in the uk

but i got the drive from the us for $500

its good but slow very slow.. also i can convert avi films to hd avi its nowhere near 25gb more like 7gb so i could still burn it on a dual layer dvd

so at the moment its a waste of money.. but even if you can rip blue ray films using something like anydvd or some new program.. puttin them on the net 4 other people to download would take around a week 25gb as a torrent file

so i think there will be blu ray rippes on the net then converted to smaller size so can be downloaded faster so whats the point???

but if you convert a avi film to hd avi burn on to dvd... thenn if your dvd player as a hdmi output and your tele as a hdmi input you have got full hd... thats what i do and the picture is brillant.. however the hdmi cable does not support sound so you need amp for the 5.1 sound or 7.1 whatever u got


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Another point is: the discs are without extras.

Whould you really be happy with only a movie, when you have to invest first 4x more money for the equipment just to get a "illusionistic" better result? The most people don't see differences between the sources, as they really could compare a 44.1kHz sound with 48kHz (up to 192 kHz sound). They all just believe in these advertising story.

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Guest mph195

like i said i paid $500 us dollers

but if you buy from the uk there around ?550 sterling thats around $1100 us dollers... tthats a real rip off

but its true i cant really see any difference between blu ray and dvd 9 films or a have bad eyes...lol


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