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New Skin For All Users : Macabre


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File Name: Macabre

File Submitter: KR!ZTE

File Submitted: 31 Dec 2006

File Category: dUP Skins

Heres the Skin Macabre, a small gift from me KR!ZTE for you on this New year eve !!!!!!!!!

Hello Guys, This is my first skin post on this forum, i mean the skin with resources... hope you will like the skin and dont forget to say the opinion about the skin...

Click here to download this file


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I quite like it. It is clean and tidy and I always like a fairly big patch info box for when I need to write patch information. I always dislike the small box's because it makes everything look crammed in.

I'll rate it 3 stars from me... :thumbs:


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Macabre... That's the dance of the dead, right?

Great work! :thumbsup: I love the details in the background. I also like how you placed the backup checkbox into a button.

Hope to see more from you here at SND!

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Thanx Jada and Ted !!!!!!!!!!


Yup, Its the " DANCE OF THE DEAD "

Actually i planned to make that my nick before coming to the scene.... but can't.... Thanx for the offer you gave me... I replied to your PM, check it out...


Are bhai, yeh such hai ki hum bahuth dhinom ke baad ba... hum milega zarooor.... Mein JAN 1st College nikal rahi hai... mein JAN 13th pe vaapas aayega, us vakth milega (BAD HINDI - Still Learning It !!!)......... :D


Edited by KR!ZTE
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