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Gravity Skin


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File Name: Gravity Skin

File Submitter: F0X

File Submitted: 23 Dec 2006

File Category: dUP(2) Skins

It was just something I Love to make : )

random 3D blocks 'cause I just got

Cinema4D so I started fooling around

with it to make a Skin ^-^

Well, I'm back guys C&C please


(I am very sorry for the topics but my pc acted strange he reloaded the post page like 10 times so I'm very sorry)


Edited by F0X
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F0X, it would have been nice if you could have used the Download Manager to add your skin in the dUP category:


You can check out a mini instruction guide here:


Many thanks... :)


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It's interesting to look at! :D I like the 3D effect. I just don't know where the info box would go :dunno:

Nice to see some new work from ya!

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