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Professional Reversing For $$$$

Teddy Rogers

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Came across this while browsing the world:

Welcome to the ALIEN Hack Team website! We are group of professional reverse engineers. We make software protection systems and crack existing protections. You can place commercial crack request here. Typically research cost is USD 50 - USD 500. We accept WebMoney, RuPay, Western Union or wire transfer method of payments. Sorry, no PayPal or credit cards allowed. Please accept license agreement before our services usage.

Whats all that about? :blink::dunno:



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Sorry to say that the AHTeam that used to publish releases for Crackers is now working for money dude :dunno:

this happed long time ago and it's not new :(

realy too bad for such a good team if you want a Crack you must Pay for it

money talks these days bro' :angry:

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So, if you need to pay to get the crack, is not better to buy the product to the vendor directly? In this way it is guaranteed 100%. What about the case you pay the crackers and they don't do a good job? Come on! :bangin:

It is expected that this could happen some day, and sadly this day has come...

Anyway, always there will be a free crack outside for every crack sold out in that site. :starwars:

Merry Christmas to all! :drunk::rudolph:

And congratulations for those who are warm! Here it is heavily cold! :cold::lol:


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Professional reverse engineering is largely unheard of, at least to me. Personally i think, provided they are properly monitoring the submissions to prevent illegal requests, that this kind of business is something that would be in demand if the software developers of the world had half a brain. Professional hacking has been around for years, why not RE?


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Nothing new About AlienHack TeaM

all i can say is they will get busted one day for sure ....

and i have named them "Money-Day" . . .


they will give you a satisfactory answer [proof] before you pay

Too Bad ...

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LOL!!! C'mon dudes. You ever looked on their releases? They can't do more than we here!!! Did you ever seen a FlexLM release by them? Sorry i can't they are some lamers who want to be rich for doin' a hobby! Is there really someone who is stupid and pay them money for cracking software????? Like Nacho said if i pay a cracker to crack the soft i could also buy the soft original and i know it works 100%. Damn this is really a bad joke! But merry christmas to you all!!

Greetz Jada^AoC

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Little harsh Jada, AHTeam have some amazing members who are very tallented.

They have always been a great bunch of people, but obviously this is their choice.

Its sad to see and I doubt anyone here will condone their action.

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Also, I'll have to disagree that there is no one who is willing to pay for crack. There are some authors that dangerously overprice their software and bring that on themselves. I know because I cracked a very useful unique application for my father to use. It's a pretty simple application but costs load of money per year.

Still my approach to earning money from that is different. I'm writing a clone of this application so my old man is going to own a copy soon :) Examples of such applications are in are of specialized software, like interest calculators, law catalogs and such.

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Little harsh Jada, AHTeam have some amazing members who are very tallented.

They have always been a great bunch of people, but obviously this is their choice.

Its sad to see and I doubt anyone here will condone their action.

well Whiterat,

you know i respect all reversers out there but this is not what we want to do!!! That's why ppl think we are such bad ppl and the only reason why we do this is to ruin authors... Maybe AHTeam got some good ppl but if it's like that then they forget why we do this little game here. I thought all reversers got the same idea and do it just for fun like a hobby and not earning money with it! But look on their releases tell me what release of them can't do SnD ICU TSRh... too?

I think i have to stop here otherwise i will explode :P

Greetz Jada^AoC

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@Jada ...

bro i agree very much with you ...

they have picked up the wrong path . . . and this decision of theirs dosent show that they are superior or inferior ... they have probably forgotten their fuction in the WWW or 0day , RCE scene .... and this might lead them to their doom ... too bad its their choice ... we can do nothing more but just talk about it !

PS* if they think they are good ... there are better teams around them !


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Still, this is no more horrifying thing that 0day. That's exactly what 0day is for many people. Many crackers work thinking they're contributing to something, but things they make are sold. Even if those releases weren't sold it's still wrong to crack something to get another crack in return. Not to speak about elitist bull**** they sell to the world...

WWW is only way to go...

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Jada^AoC you are right there releases are simple some how and many teams can crack them but remember that AHTeam isn't the Only team that does this many other Called "PC Crack Team" they earn money too dude and perhaps they are hiding soem releases that they don't want to Publish after all the Releases that you see are only for Exampling :D !!

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I hope they get shut down. That is scamming people in my eyes.

I feel sorry for the people who actually use there service and dont

know any better..

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