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Till.ch Keygen Template #1 Start Of My Series :p


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File Name: Till.ch Keygen template #1 Start of my series :P

File Submitter: Till.ch

File Submitted: 23 Dec 2006

File Updated: 24 Dec 2006

File Category: Keygen Templates


Today I'd like to start my new keygen templates series.

So here are nr.1

I made it with 100% original Mac Os X buttons.

The zip file includes the orginal psd, a png and 2 overlay buttons.

Click here to download this file

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I think it looks good for your #1 :D .

I assume the blue circular area is an area for a logo... Any chance you'll add a SND logo in it? What font did you use for the "name" and "serial"?

I'd say the black area needs some texture, just something subtle.

Keep it up!

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Ty for the comments!


I used the font that u gave me (for the ex-iNF keygen Design)

Acknowledge font or somename like that^^

I made the final for Ox87k. from ICU:

Here is a screenshot of it:


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@Till.ch ... nice work bro ... hmm ... iNF isint "ex" its alive[will fade away soon] but dead for the WWW RCE !


there ... c .... u got a nice lil babe out here .... when ya finish with this one ... dont forget to show us a shot ...


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I dont like it, its too simple and made by help of a tutorial, I don't want to **** you off. If you make something it has to be unique, like no one else made something like it. So, its better if you everything by your self.

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Sry P43 but i made it without just only one tutoial!!!

So please....show me the tutorial you think I made it with. (!!!)


Or should i write a tut? If someone want a tut i can write one.



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