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Happy Holidays Everybody

Guest Hawk7

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I just wanted to wish my fellow team members, and members a like to have a Happy Holiday, and a Happy new year. :D

I also forgot to menchion that I'm leaving for the holidays

But will be back after the new year

Peace and Respect Always =HawK=

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I do also wish everyone from the team and the forum a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May the new year resolutions be not too big :)


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Ah... the advantages of being in Australia. I'll be freezing my arse off here in the sunny northern hemisphere ;)

That is one of the many reasons I left the UK. Now I'm hardly ever out of shorts or in a temperature less than 20 degrees. That leaves plenty of time for a beer and a barbecue... :^


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When the glory bells begins to ringing

and the children warm songs singing,

when the families are again reunited

and we see the last grumpy faces delighted,

when we reach this point of time,

then we recognize: it's christmas time.

The best I wish all you here and there,

to everyone and everywhere. woswmann1100.gifangel17.gif

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Seasons Greetings! May everyone at SnD enjoy their holidays!

I along with Loki will be freezing my azz off, and by no means be outside at the BBQ. But I enjoy the snow at Christmas, so I'm not complaining..... till after new years.

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Merry Christmas everyone! Its BBQ and beer time here... :drunk:


dont forget about the green crystalized kryp-e nugs... :D

but than again you guys crack so you need your brain cells :lol:

cheers all

B :zorro:

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Not sure if this goes here or general discussions...

lol, but nice to see that you guys still use my banner. :thumbsup: (havent been here in like a year or so)

i hope all you have been great, in cyber and real life.

have a merry christmas, hanukkah...etc


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HI Guys,

just wanted to say, hope you all have a great holiday period, and a big thank you to all of you for the work you have done through the year, many people have benefited from your hard work

wish you all the best and hope you have a prosperous new year :)



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