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hi all

is there anybody know any trick for this site coz every time

i need download something this msg appear to me :dunno:

All download slots assigned to your country are in use. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please try again later.

i hope found some help

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When you want to download something you should try again later, because you are not the only one that loads from your country. It really helps to wait a minute/hour. This is what every free uploader has sometimes not only uploading.com.

When you can't get other links you should use a proxy, that the counter think you are load from somewhere elso in the whole world.

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Try USDownloader:


There you can find the and the plugins for alot of sites and languages; download UploadingHA.plg for Uploading[dot]com :D


If USDownloader don't work, try Rapget:

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