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Playstation 3 Coming In Europe In September?

Teddy Rogers

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If this turns out to be true, it would be a disaster for the European gaming community. Recently, Phil Harrison, the head of Sony Worldwide Studios, declared to Official PlayStation Magazine that he can't give a definitive statement as regarding the European PS3 March launch.

Sony was quick to react and sent out a statement saying that the PS3 is confirmed for a March 2007 release all over Europe. But CVG has a whole different story, and according to them, the most likely release date for PS3 in Europe is September 2007. Apparently, “high placed” sources within the industry have already been suggesting that April is more likely to be the European release date.

Although this seems the most realistic variant, CVG comes to contradict and tells that they have a source which reveals that due to component shortages, the PS3 European launch will be delayed onto September 2007. A Sony UK spokesperson was contacted by CVG and he assured CVG that the March release is a 100 percent on track.

So, do you buy this story? Is the PS3 really on track for a September release? I incline to believe the rumors, because I know Sony's track record as regarding component shortages. Given the fact that their US shipment target was not met, why should they care about Europe? In fact, America is a much bigger market for them, and they did not manage even to satisfy their needs. Sure, they promise to ship one million units by the end of the year, but can they deliver?


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