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Sales Proposal Help...........


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I have to put together a proposal based on a customers "wishlist" which I can provide. They need a full blown proposal that deals with all the contents of this wishlist outlining the costs and implimentation timelines etc etc. Most of the things I've ever done was simply phone negotiates or email correspondances. This is a bid type of proposal that I have to submit. I have officeready templates addin but most of those suck or don't have anything directed at submitting a bidding proposal.

Anyone have a cool template or links to something at would provide a professional presentation?

Any tips or advise???

I'm in uncharted territory......



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I submit many bids / proposals in my line of work.... Typically I use Office (Word), and occasionally use Publisher. The typical layout for our proposals is....

A header with a company logo w/ contact information, and other general information.... i.e. customer, contact person, project name, project owner.... etc.

The body includes the "wishlist" or tasks that will be completed under the proposal. Typically we put this as a bulleted, or numbered list. Following this, is a list of "qualifications". Our qualifications are items that are not included in the bid or items that need further clarification... We also include our payment terms in the qualifications.

Following this is a cost summary... we divide our projects up into phases and give a summary of the costs per phase and a total project cost.

Finally, there is an area for signatures. There should be an signature for you, and one for the customer to accept the proposal.

Hope this helps a little

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funny you should say this, I did exactly that when I got little response. I guess I was looking for a "template" of some kind to just keep the presentation nice and just plug in var data and have it populate the form...........ehhhh........either way I got it submitted two days before deadline which is good for me.

Thanks for the response though.....


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