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Vista Hacked With Vlk Product Key And Patched Kms Server


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Microsoft has implemented an upgraded and more secured version of volume activation technology version 2.0 for corporate customers who use volume license key (VLK) to activate the Windows Vista or Windows Server ?Longhorn? installed. Volume Activation 2.0 features Key Management Service (KMS) server or host that contains KMS key that supplies to Windows Vista clients that connect to the KMS server and activate the clients or renew the activation once every 180 days. This ability make the life of system administrators easy, but also open the door for piracy with fake, patch or open KMS server used to activate Windows Vista machine over the public Internet.Windows Connected reported that rogue KMS servers has appeared on the Internet, together with information and step-by-step instruction guide on how to activate a copy of Windows Vista VL (volume license) against the server. Once activated your illegal copy of Windows Vista will be good for 180 days before it needs to talk to the KMS server again.Tutorial and step-by-step guide to activate Windows Vista with KMS host hack/trick:   1. Install Windows Vista Business Edition (the KMS server is meant for corporate users so it can activate Windows Vista Business or Enterprise edition) by using default volume license (VL) product key for Vista Business retail edition (i.e. YFKBB-PQJJV-G996G-VWGXY-2V3X8), or without using any serial key for volume license Vista Business edition.
2. When Windows installation and setup complete, setup Internet access.
3. Right click on Command Prompt icon and select ?Run as Admin? to launch the Command Prompt with Administrative privilege.
4. In the Command Prompt window, type the following commands: cscript C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -skms peterpwq.vicp.net:1688 You will see: Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.7
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Key Management Service machine name set to peterpwq.vicp.net successfully cscript C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -ato The commands will activate Windows Vista Edition against peterpwq.vicp.net KMS server (setup by individual user which availability and reliability are not certain). It?s a private KMS server for Volume License 2.0a activation but have been setup by individual and released to public Internet usage.
5. To check the activation status, use the following command: cscript C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -dlvAfter the VLK is verified in KMS host, the Windows Vista client will be activated and can be used for 180 days, and requires re-activation once every 180 days. If after the activation expires, and the client doesn?t activate again in 30 days grace period, Windows Vista will go into reduced functionality mode. Beside, Windows Vista Ultimate edition is unable to activated by this way.Another problem is whether there is any open public KMS servers around on the Internet for activation, as using KMS server in the public domain is illegal. As most public KMS servers are setup by individual users who may need 25 clients to activate his or her own copy of Vista, so the availability of the public Internet KMS host is very uncertain. The fact is that many KMS servers have came and taken down such as sito.kmip.net, binbin.xicp.net:1688, and (1688 is the default port for KMS activation, and can be skipped). However, you can setup and create your own KMS server (if you don?t have extra computer, VMWare or Virtual PC virtual machine can be used) and invite others to activate the Windows Vista together by using that KMS host, as KMS server requires at least 25 computers in order to start activating any of the Vista machines.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational purpose only.

If you have problem activate your copy of Windows Vista, contact Microsoft.


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so with this "trick" a release like this could work properly??

MICROSOFT.WINDOWS.VISTA.ENTERPRISE.32BIT.VLM.DVD-EcHoSHello to everybody.This the new imporoved(haha) EcHoS	 |
| nfo!Let me laugh at those PANTHEON,which i thought were |
| friends.Anyway,sometime people realize they are past... |
| |
| ABOUT this release and why it exists... |
| and the most important of all is that its VLM.. |
| |
| (So there is no need to go and subscribe to microsft etc) |
| We didnt include any crack for 2 reasons: |
| A.There is no 100% crack workin and the existing ones |
| everybody has them allready. |
| B.We didnt want to destroy the image so u could check md5 |
| |
| To make the long story short,u still need to activate the |
| product,but you DONT HAVE TO FIND A SERIAL during install. |
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