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Anybody Doodle With Hackthissite?


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hey all...i was really bored the other day and tried that hackthissite place...

is anybody anygood at this??? (not asking for help from hackers or anything but am just asking)..i know theres sites with the answers,etc but am wondering how many members here are "masta`s"...

i got to part 3 of basics but thats it..hehehe

yeah... i suck.. :D


B :zorro:

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I spent some time on this site a few years ago.... not been back in a while.

I did all the basic missions (for mission 3 go to /web/level4/password.php ;) ) , most of the crap VB apps and a few of the realistic challenges before getting bored. With the exception of a few very skilled people, it was full of script kiddies who all thought they were elite because they knew what a cookie was.

If you want a decent challenge site, try either bright-shadows.net or hackits.de. The crackmes on bright-shadows (the later ones) are quite good fun and offer some good brain teasers.

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