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Zor uses the same host as I do.. here is an email we all received this week..

It would appear that maybe Zor has additional problems, because all is now fixed.


We had a primary hard drive failure at 11:00pm (GMT-8) on Dec 4, 2006. Our early detection software caught this problem before it resulted in any client data loss and our daily backups successfully preserved all client data and database information.

We will be restoring accounts on newly upgraded hardware for better overall performance.

Please note that these types of incidents are common in the hosting industry and although this procedure is routine, some clients may not be able to make website modifications for up to 24 hours while we complete the restoration process.

If you notice any problems after 24hours from now, please submit a support ticket via our 24/7 support system at:



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But if you're going to use a canadian webhost what do you expect?!


They have done a good job with Zors page for sometime, so you have to expect a problem eventually.

Thank god for RAID.

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