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Icu-board Down ?


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i havent been able to get in there properly for weeks...i logged in the other day but thats it...i always get the dreaded "no page found".....sometimes i try to log in with the use of anonymouse.org or something but its slow as hell..its the only site that gives me problems loggin in in the last month....

i flushed dns cache on my end,etc,etc...

hopefully it gets sorted... :D

cheers all


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From WhiteRat // Team ICU:

Server has had some problems for sometime.

Another user on the server setup a myspace fishing site, so now hundreds of people are DOS'ing the server.

I need to find a solution.

Its hard to find a free host in a legally neutral country with cpanel and good speeds with like 200gb bandwidth. (Yeh I didnt know we had so many vists ?!?!)

Bax! :^

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Site is up!

It will take some time for the DNS to propergate for some of you.

It was a stupid problem that was overlooked by the techs.

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