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Teddy Rogers

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I came across this since I've visited a few forums hosted on this site and I thought it may be interesting for anyone here wanting to start up their own forum.

Free forum by Takeforum

Takeforum provides free forum hosting in our own dedicated server.

You can setup your very own phpbb forum within seconds for FREE without any obligation.

Some of our free forum features

unlimited members, postings, bandwidth, categories

simple & fast forum

choose style/themes you want

multiple languages

avatar gallery

message formatting with various font styles and sizes

support of standard and extended BBCode & controlled HTML tags

strong encryption to keep passwords safe in the database

99.9% network uptime

fast and reliable support

Moreover, we don't have any annoying popups or pop-unders.

Most importantly, we monitor our server closely for any sign of overloading or downtime. We will upgrade or add more space or server should the need arise.

I hope the admins don't see this as being spam... I'm not affiliated with them... :rolleyes:

I haven't tried it out either. If anyone does it would be interesting to hear your view point on it.




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TED its great

www.takeforum.com/im****ed the word is p..i..ss.e.d with no full stops ok

just set this up in 30 seconds.... i thought this would be funny a forum where people can moan about stuff

what u think good idea or lame?

anyway if you want a moan you know where to go...lol


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