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New Downloads Area Open...

Teddy Rogers

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I am pleased to announce we have a new area for artists and demo scene fans. To find it simply click on the Downloads link at the top right of the forum.

It is still in early days but a few files have already been uploaded to share with you all. Many thanks to EclipTic and cond0lence for helping out with this.

Should you have any questions or queries about the new area please check out the following topic before asking any questions:


We hope you enjoy and benifit from the new area! Please try to use the new area wisely when uploading files.

Many thanks... :thumbs:


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Thanks Ted!

I hope that other gfxer's will add some new work to the download manager. :^

Just a reminder for everyone... take a look at the link in Ted's first post for instructions on using the download manager. Also, When you upload to it, it will automatically create a new thread in the gfx forum area with a screenshot. Happy uploading!

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