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Midi Music In "tu2006_keygen" From Ziggy

Guest Franz Anton

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Guest Franz Anton


fist my englisch isn't very good ... In the "tuneup utilities 2006 keygen" from Ziggy is a very nice background music ... maybe it is included as a ressource, but i couldn't extract them ...

I've unopacked the file with the FSG unpacker, but i've only found an RCDATA ressource.

Coul'd someone upload the midi file or send me a link?


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Have you tryed chip rip from knight of TSRh team it can extract chip tunes from keygens

h00p://rapidshare.com/files/4334688/chiprip.v1.0.zip.html get it from here :D:D:D

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Guest Franz Anton

Thank you very much ... no i've extracted the xm file ... but howto convert to midi? I downloaded MIDITracker, the file was successfully imported, but all MIDI channels were set to "Acoustic Grand Piano".

How can i read the real setting of the instrumence out of the xm file?

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