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Can Somebody Help Me Install This?


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hey all..im not sure of this is the proper place to ask this but can somebody help me fix ths issue??

ive been trying to install the latest AVG anti-v to check it out..i have been using nod32 which is cool and all but just saw a new release availabe for avg and wanted to give it a go again but this error keeps happening during install...i tried a few several versions of older ones and same deal..im guessing something is wacked in the registry but cant get rid og the string or whatever causeing it..ill probably stick with nod32 but am curious to fix this crap error..


thanx all


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Blah, it sounds like an Embedded-null registry key. You can try to use amust registry cleaner. I did a universal patch for it. Also I would try google. Just type in the message your getting and you should get a bunch of hits on the subject. I hope this helps.

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thanx hawk..will give it a go (reg cleaner) and see if that works..if not ill google away and see what hapens..also gonna have to see what "Embedded-null registry key" means..hehehe

i did already try to use "Registry first aid platinum" and get rid of all the avg strings,etc but still a no go..



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"Embedded-null registry key" is when there is a registry key that refuses to be deleted even with speacial permission (administrator privillages). There are ways to get rid of it like doing a quick system restore or just look on google like I already said and there should be other people describeing the same type of issue that you have on your computer. :)

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I don't know if a reg cleaner will help, since it looks like it's having trouble creating the key, not deleting it. Try a system restore as Hawk7 suggested. Probably some application you installed or uninstalled screwed up the registry. :dunno:

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