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Windows Vista Pirated Edition...

Teddy Rogers

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Well, folks, Vista has heard the sound of inevitability. It’s out! And, of course, not only for sale (you already know that, you don’t need me telling it again), but out on the torrent file sharing network. The final version of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows Vista, was first seen yesterday on several important torrent websites. All users confirmed that the version listed was indeed 6.0.6000, the official RTM Vista version.

First, a temporary solution arose: a short command that gives you the possibility to easily extend the activation period to 60 days. Everybody thought two months would be more than enough for someone to find a better workaround, but they were wrong... One day was enough! Soon after the release of this temporary crack, a much more effective one saw the light of day.

This crack uses files from the RC2 Vista version and enables you to activate Vista using your old RC1/RC2 serial number. If you haven’t already started looking in the Recycle Bin for it, allow me to state that even this crack doesn’t seem to get the job done. After being cracked this way, the pirated version of Windows Vista will run only until the end of June 2007.

That’s about all you’ll hear from us. We’re very sorry (or not) for those of you who hoped to find a link in this article to a website providing illegal copies of Windows Vista or a detailed 'manual' on how to crack it. This article is purely informative, Softpedia encourages its users to buy Windows and never use pirated software. You can find out more about Vista prices here.


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I once looked at an early beta version. I wasn't overly impressed. I think the only reason why I would upgrade to Vista would be due to getting a new 64bit dual core+ setup. For the time being my present XP setup does everything I need and more. I turn off all the fancy graphics and features that come with XP so I would probably do the same with Vista. Until then its just a waste of money (at least for me)...


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Windows Vista and the Office 2007 System have gone gold just the past week and already cracked versions are available for those initiated in the secrets of pirated software. While Vista and Office 2007 will be made available by Microsoft for the general public come January 30, 2007, the two applications have already been cracked and uploaded to various pirate websites.

Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 will all be officially launched by the end of November and the operating system will be pushed via Volume Licenses starting on November 30, 2006. Additionally, Microsoft revealed a program in partnership with CompUSA to make Vista and Office 2007 available for Small Businesses across the United States at the same date via Microsoft Open Value and Microsoft Open Business licensing options.

But the pirated versions of Both Vista and Office 2007 have long beat Microsoft to the market. And the offer is diversified to say the least. Here is a selection of the pirated titles available from beta build of Office 2007 to the final product: Microsoft.Office.2007.Enterprise-WiNK, Microsoft Office Professional 2007+CDKEY, Microsoft Office 2007 Plus + serial beta 2, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 + Serial No + English, 2007 Office Premium Pre Release 1, (Microsoft Office) Professional Plus! 2007 - (By MEM), 2007 Office Premium SP0, Microsoft Office Professionnel Plus 2007 French (BETA), Microsoft Office Professional Plus! 2007, Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise.

Just a superficial, and I do emphasize, superficial, count of the number of downloads for the pirated versions of the Office 2007 System reveals a number in excess of 100,000 downloads. And this is from a single pirate website, via BitTorrent.

Windows Vista is just as big an item of pray on the pirate websites. But the crackers even got creative on the operating system. There is even a Microsoft Windows Vista Final-BillGates 3555203 TPB version. Final-BillGates? I wonder how the package looks for that one? And the offer is just as consistent as the one for Office 2007. From Windows Vista RC1 to Microsoft.Windows.Vista.RTM. 32Bit.and.64Bit.AIO.DVD.READ.NFO-WinBeta. Microsoft windows vista rtm build 6000 is also available, but the pirate website additionally delivers a Windows.Vista.RTM.Activation.Crack-iND and the tool Microsoft.Windows.Vista. RTM.PROPER.Activation.Crack. The volume of downloads also jumps the 100,000 milestone, and also for the single website mentioned above.

“Microsoft is happy that customers are eager to begin using Windows Vista; however, the copies available for download are not final code and users should avoid unauthorized copies which could be incomplete or tampered. This unauthorized download relies on the use of pre-RTM activation keys that will be blocked using Microsoft’s Software Protection Platform. Consequently, these downloads will be of limited value,” stated a Microsoft representative.


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I'm not going to be upgrading either I don't think. I've just picked up a Core 2 Duo E6600 but I'm still sticking with the 32bit version of XP because:

1) I paid for the thing and feel a little hard done by buying another OS

2) the beta versions of vista gave me no reason to upgrade. I'm not paying that amount of money for a few shiny windows with effects on.

3) the 64 bit versions seem to be a bit buggy on the games/drivers front and haven't inspired me with much confidence.

Will probably upgrade in future, but as the guy above said, I'll be waiting for them to fix it a few times first ;)

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You can install from the WinBeta release without entering any serial or without 'patching' any files. This would give you I believe an authentic install although only a trial version. And its just a matter of time, my guess less than 30 days, before that is fully cracked.

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I intend to wait until at least service pack 1 (one year maybe two) or at least until i see a LOT of reports praising Microsoft for their excellent work (like that's gonna happen...). Anyone for an un-patched copy of XP? I think not...


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Guest InvisibleWar

im going to install vista on one of my other drives and dual boot with xp. prob will not keep it since it want 1GB of ram that is nuts for an OS.

But i will play around with it and see if it even worth the trouble

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Well i think you are all sceptics :angry:

I am now running Vista RTM as my main OS (only OS, i removed my XP dual boot now vista is final)

I guess i am lucky one who does not have to pay, caus my work has MSDN for me, i find it funny though every time i start VS2005 it complains it has know issues with Vista, but i guess there will be fixes soon.

ps, for those counting to 500 patches, windows update already downed 4 :) but none critcal (yet!)



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