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Problems With Burnt Dvd's...

Teddy Rogers

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Has anyone ever burnt any data DVD's and when inserted them back in the DVD drive of their computer at a later date found they produce an I/O error so they can't be read? I've got this problem with my drive and the strange thing is that the DVD's are fine because on my standard DVD player I can see and read all the files just fine.

It seems odd that the burner the DVD was burnt on can't read it. Is there a solution to this, better drivers or something? I've looked for updated drivers for my specific hardware but there are none... :dunno:


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At first, check your firmware version/date

Maybe this problem was already recognized by the vendor and they brought a fix out.


Because they extented the support for more blank CD/DVDs,

that you don't have to care what you must buy.

If there is a problem in your system with the driver you should deinstall, reboot and reinstall it.

Was it a overburn?

It sometimes happen that a CD/DVD overburn result is not readable anymore.

Thats a typical risk. It is physically possible, but there is no guarantee.

It is good when you check this straight after the burning process, if the files are really accurate burned.

I remember nero has this option, maybe some other burning tools, too.

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The same happened to me.

I purchased the DVD (+R) and created data DVD with a burner (Benq) which supported only -R discs. I inserted the disc and see that it showed nothing. Then i created the image file using Alcohol mount the image and all data was fine i verified.

That disc i tried to open in another DVD writer (LG supports all formats including DVD RAM -R +R) but shows nothing not even image worked fine.

I tried to open the disc in another friends DVD Combo drive (not writer) and shows everything and all data was fine while my DVD writer shows the same error as yours.

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Is it only with the ones burnt in that DVD burner that cant be read?

Or is it all DVDs that cant be read in that burner/player?

Sounds like the read laser is shot but the burn is working fine.

I had a Lite-On some time back with the same symptoms.. just bought a new one.

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The reading is fine with other DVD's. I'm going to put it down to crap media I bought because I don't have any other issues with the drive. Still its strange... Modern day technology... :dunno:


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Interesting article. The problem is the DVD media, it was cheap and nasty. I guess there was a reason for it being cheap and nasty. Burn once read none... :P


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