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Pixel Dup Skins


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Here are a few pixel skins that I made. These feature "pixel art"... for those who don't know what this is, basically each pixel in manually colored in without the use of filters, or effects. It not only gives it a old school look, but it provides for very low KB graphics. Hope you like em!


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sample exe of the pastel (only 15KB):

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files (all three resources, region, and colors) are moved to downloads section

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I like the 2nd one, but I'm thinking that the back ground colour needs to be less overpowering. The bright orange, at least for myself, seems to break the 3d effect. Looks good tho!

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ya real nice work Ecliptic

looks like the old fashion hh.......

but i realy like them and specialy the second it's colors are Cool !!

keep it up

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This is the worst thing you ever made Ecliptic :D

No, honestly.. they are original.. nice colors.. but .... well not good :dunno:

When you made these.. something is wrong... either you weren't in the mood, you been drunk, or you got sick of life :D lol

Whatever, keep on making those Great GFXs, and forgot about these ones.. they... dunno :D:D

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Really good stuff. Almost 4KB. :zorro:

The second one has maybe the best combination of colors.

Hm, in the first one, the 'patch' has these lines coming through.

(I dunno this was really what U wanted, recognize it?)

The black buttons are cool, they looks like holes.

I'm so impatient to see a release of this,

it reminds me on the good old times.

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Thanks for all the good comments!

@ Ted - I'd like to see that skid row intro if you can find it.

@ GOTCHA - I agree these are definitely a different style from others you've seen from me. However, I find them nostalgic.

@ cond0lence - Thanks! You got it down to 4KB? What packer did you use? Also, the first one looks good here, what lines are you seeing? Do you see them in the example exe?

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