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Hi guyz I have had a problem recently and I need some help

to solve this.

I had joined team TFT as a gfxer and after a little time

I saw some NFO viewer&src that was on HTB team's site

and i though that having a NFO viewer in our team releases

would be cool so i downloaded the NFO viewer and

I modified a little bit the src and compiled it and showed it

to our team leader.He was suprised and happy cause it

was very nice NFO viewer.

After 3-4 days I get back online and somebody tells me that

I might have some problems with the scene I spoke with

our team leader and he told me that I copied the HTB team's

NFO viewer and I had to leave the team.

My question is: If I find an open source app I can't modify the code

so that I can make something out of it

Is this such a big mistake and if yes how can I solve this

I tried to find FiNS(he coded the NFO viewer)

to speak with him but I could not find him.

If I am wrong my apologies goes to team HTB

and especially FiNS who gave a lot of effort to

code the NFO viewer.



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