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"dark" Dup Skins Available


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Below are some new dUP skins that I made. Again these feature art from various metal bands.

Notice that none of these have space for "author"...... :^

What I though I would do, is personalize these for the team members on a "first come first serve basis". Just post a reply to let me know which one you like (assuming that you like one), be the first to do so, and it's yours.

As always, I enjoy comments from all.

Edit - see post #12....

#1 "Slaughter (removed.... this was customized for PakMan)"

#2 "Oath" (removed.... this was customized for ???)"

#3 "Magica"

#4 "Raid"



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Beautiful. :flowers:

Usually I know a little bit of metal groups, but don't care of it (prefer all technical stuff).

..but the first an second skins.. damn, impressiv.

improving comment: the outline in the first looks fat, try with 1px. I dunno if it helps.

the second one consist of two parts, as much as I see, maybe this is the difference.

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WoW, whats more to say?

Impressive as always Ecliptic! :worthy:

I love the second skin most! The fire-design gives it somethin, don't know what, but, it's just "hot"! :lol:

The third skin is an really good work too (especially the right edge with the buttons looks great), but in my opinion its a lil bit too dark! Change the colour of the font or so, that would made it! ;):^

Greetz, CUDiLLA!

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Really professional stuff, not my style tho :/

I'm not really into that 'Viking stuff' lol

Good work, nevertheless

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Nice ones Ecliptic very impressive work :thumbsup: although

they are not the style i like(i prefer as cond0lence said technical stuff)

keep it up bro.



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Thanks for all the comments! I'll try doing something more "technical" for my next set of skins

@ cond0lence, I made the edge around the first at 1px.... look better?

@ CUDiLLA, I agree that #3 was a bit too dark... It's now a little brighter.

@ Ted, I wasn't going to make the souce files for these public... I thought I'd give the team members a chance to have a personal skin. Of course, if you like - I'll add your name to one and send you the files. :^

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BEAUTIFUL! :worthy:

Personally, I like the #1 "Slaughter" and would like to see my nick associated, please.

I hope I'm the first asking for this one...


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