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Not Sure Where To Post This

Guest hola1337

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Guest hola1337

I wasn't exactly sure where to post this so i posted it here....I just wan'ted to say i'd be gald to help with pretty much anything in the snd organization thing.....i don't have extensive knowledge of any one thing but i can do pretty much anything on computers and if i don't know about it already i can learn or figure it out.

you guys should really make a thread just for volunteers..

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You could've posted this in the "General Discussions & Off Topic" forum. I also tried to join SnD Team, but they said making batch files isn't a gift from god.

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The best way to help is to help the community. Post tutorials, code tools and share their sources.

"Being able to do pretty much anything on computers" is a broad claim.... read around on reversing and IT security and you'll probably be surprised how little you know (thats not meant disresepectfully, just a statement of probable fact).

Enjoy your stay here... looking forward to your contributions.

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