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Lena Reverse Workshop Number One

Guest rogers

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I've seen the first workshop, and when I open ollydebug I see it looks a bit different than mine. There are some yellow background fields, et ceterea. I also look for the cool jump-red or grey lines where I can see to where it will jump or to where it wont jump. Can anyone say me what Script or Plugin I need to download?

I have used the ini-file which was there and renamed it as shown in the workshop. But maybe I need this one too: C:\ReverseIt Programs\Olly\Scripts\Time.trial.Crack.withLog.Benina.txt But I didnt found this, I used follwoing keywords "Time", "Time trial", "Benina" in google and in the searchbox. I'm really happy if anyone can help me and give me the links or something like that.

thank you very much


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