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Guest fiendskull9

Hey guys,

ive been browsing around for awhile, and decided to make a dUP skin

ive been using photoshop a long time, and heres what i popped out


what do you guys think?

heres a link with a rar containing the res file, and a test exe


whadja guys think?


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It's good that you made the effort and put together an entire package, with an example exe. But in my opinion the gfx are not too good. Since you put in the effort, let me offer some criticism:

I think the buttons need to stand out more, and I would move the patch button to the bottom.

All of the text should be lined up and centered... for example, the word "application" goes under the patch button, and it doesn't look centered. Typically I think a border around the whole thing is a good idea, and I would consider a different font. These are only my opinions, and meant to help... keep trying.



Could you do me a favor? Try a word other than "cool" in you next post.

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I have also a Skin With that name Forest :)

Unfortunately its for TeaM iNFLUENCE :D

And am not sure, can i show other teams skin here !!! Anway if its not allowed, then MOD's plz let me know and i will remove it !!


KR!ZTE :wub:

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One of my friends made it for me and mailed it to me, thought it would be interesting to use it in my signature... :)


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