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Teddy Rogers

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Does anyone know of a really good taskbar controller for WinAMP? I've tried Deskband, the one with the nice effects, not the other one and while its nice and funky and has all the features (buttons) I need it screws up my system and gets the CPU revved up high.

I'm particularly after a taskbar that supports fast-forwarding, fast-rewinding and I have no interest in trayicon implementations. Can anyone throw some suggestions in my direction please?


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I used one awhile back.... I think it was called Winamp Control.

I did a search for that name and found this site:


It appears that they renamed it because it has the ability to control several other media players as well.

Anyway, I have not tried this new version so I can't say if it's any good or not.

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I tried this one, its good but I'm not in to the fact I have to install another program (True Launch Bar) just to be able to use the plugin. Also it screwed with the layout and positioning of my quick launch and taskbar icons and I couldn't get everything to co-exist happily. I think its due to the way it handles placing the WinAMP controller (and other icons) which have the height of two taskbar icons.

I'll keep looking and waiting for something nice to come along... :)


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You can also just adjust some settings, and use "Windowshade Mode", and move it wherever you want. Problem is you can't fast forward nor fast rewind. But you can go to next or previous song, and play and pause and volume control! Why not just use "windowshade mode"?

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