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Guest KurDKaoS

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Guest KurDKaoS

Hi there,

Recently I've been enjoying lots of work by u guys for various programs.

Including ZoomPlayer 4.5 & 5 done by MaRKus

Anyway the thing is.. I totally LOVE the Track that is played when the program is used.

Now I'm a total noobie so I can't extract it from the program itself.

Now I tried finding it on the www.modsarchive.com but I can't seem to find the right Track.

Could u guys tell me if it's downloadable anywhere in S3M format or any other?

and how about all the other tracks u guys put under ur little artworks :P

Lemmeh know!


a fan ;)


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Try using Dragon Unpacker or WinRipper:


You will probably need to dump the process first with a program like LordPE or other similar tool then use one of the above to scan the dumped file...


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