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Another Snd Nfo


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Here is another NFO. What are your thoughts?%7Boption%7D%7Boption%7D

partial screenshot:

see it in the picture gallery

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It's need to round up more.

I recognize you edit it manually (that takes a long time)

Have ever tried a pics -> ASCII converter?

This would make a better result and you just fix the wrong characters.

Anyway, keep it going on. B)

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Thanks for all the comments!


You are correct... I did it manually, and it took a long time!

After I created this, I did get my hands on a converter - much easier, but still requires some manual corrections.

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I had my experienced already did in that case, a long time ago.

When you really want to work with a converter the first thing is to look for nice pic,

that doesn't need to reduce in color too much, or you have to do first downsample it.

(prefered clipart-style for example to imagine what I mean, the best is a black and white pic)

My ASCII time is gone for a while, maybe it will come back, I've at the moment more fun in other stuff. ;)

P.S.: How I recognized it was handmade?

- When a 'font' has max. 1-2 ASCII-characters it was handmade.

Hmm.., I should write tut. :rolleyes:

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