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Vista Rc2 Available To Cpp Customers, Ie7 Is Coming This Month

Guest Yair

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vista RC2:

Today, Microsoft is excited to announce the availability of Windows Vista RC2 to Technical Beta Testers, TAP Testers, and MSDN/TechNet subscribers. This new build of Windows Vista offers users a higher level of performance and stability ? improving what was established in Windows Vista RC1. We were able to also fix many of your bugs reported from RC1 and implement them for RC2. Thank you to our beta testers for the bugs and feedback you submitted for RC1. The improvement shows as we raised our quality bar even higher!

Platforms and Services Co-President Jim Allchin has just posted a special announcement letter of RC2 to Microsoft Connect for the Windows Vista Technical Beta Testers. I?d like to reproduce the letter here for all to read:

People asked for it, and here it is, Windows Vista RC2! We wanted you to be the first to get these bits; next week they?ll be available to a broader set of customers via MSDN and TechNet



IE7 Is Coming This Month...Are you Ready?

The final release of IE7 is fast approaching ? and I mean really fast ? and will be delivered to customers via Automatic Updates a few weeks after it?s available for download.


i admit i am a bit excited about IE7 final :) they fixed quite a few bugs i sent them and i want to see if they got to the rest :)

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I installed Windows Vista RC 2, and couldn't do anything without getting a security Warning. WTF? But it looks good. Might upgrade when it hits Service Pack 1 or later.

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in case anyone missed it

IE really was released this month

in Oct 19

i just finished taking care of all the WGA stuff needed before installing it and i am now ready to go with the installation :)

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