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Changing Network Card Mac Address


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I'm having a problem with this. I cant find how to change MAC address of a network bridge. For physical adapters you can find all options here


and change them. Bridges are also listed there but you cant change MAC there.

Problem is, that network bridges automaticly use MAC address of first adapter added to it, and change first octet to 02. Does anyone have an idea of how to change this first octet?


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Thanks. I already stumbled into that utility, but the problem is that all those programs do just simple registry modification which wont help in this case. Network bridge MAC address cant be changed that way.

Thanks anyway :)

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hi cetkop

How are you ? :)

This is utilities change MAC address, try it

SMAC 2.0 MAC Address Changer

Serial Number: SMC2U-00C8-4004-04C6-030E-9591

Hide My MAC Address

Serial Number: 34KH-FU6L-U5YP-VTH2-P9FM-VK3X
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Hi hitman :)

Nice to see you here again :) And thanks again for the links but these things wont do. I thought some instructions to do this manually would solve this. All these utilities just seem to modify basic registry keys which wont work for network bridges.

Btw, I dont understand how they managed to bulk up this kind of software to 5,2MB when it doesnt need more than 50KB o_O


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