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Dave, my following comments take only as an advice.

You've noticed that nobody is commenting to ur creations. Do you think why. Because they feeling that there nothing new in your creations. I know you are new to this field. You must understand basic some things about human minds. People need difference, they will only comment when they see are sweet. The gfx u made can create to anyone with little or no experience in photoshop or other like apps. So dave try to learn some more about photoshop and make your masterpieces. I am sure you have the skill in you to create better one than this.

Take this comments only as an advice. I am not in a position to advice you. But i am writing this due to the fact that you feel lonely when ur posting u r goodies.


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I agree with mia, an another thing is, when you are new to something like doing chipmusic, or make skins, or demo creation, do not post or show anything to other people till you get the skills, really I have noticed this when I started with gfx. GFXing is easy as hell, but it will take you many hours do make a hot skin. Keep practising and dont show anything till u got the skills, because people will call you "lame".

Remember this is an advice not an attempt to screw you. I wish you goodluck.

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Bro, keep up doing your GFXs and keep posting them here and there! That way, you'll either get no comments, which means, "you suck, make somthing better", or you'll get good comments, which will help you improve your work!

Nevertheless, you need to "learn" more then "practicing" at the beginning, till you get a good, clean idea about GFXing! Read a lot of tuts and see a a lot of works.. then, make your own style!

I'm a newbie, but that's what i think ;)

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WTf are you talking about? I have experience with this, It was just an advice. If you dont believe me, go on post it on www.pouet.net then you'll see. Damz people dont know what **** they are talking about.

@JetCodE!, take a look at the CiM templates, everything is way TOO big.

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P43, take it easy man ;) chillax! :D

about the CiM templates, those are made on request! it's the CiMian Style :^

anyway, i was talking to Dave1, no offense at all !


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